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Superintendency – Involve the planning on behalf of the client of all the various phases of work, the onsite management of all the emergent and extra work additional to the original specification and the supervision of the quality of the work undertaken. HMTS will also liaise on behalf of the client with any attending surveyors to ensure that all the work undertaken is in compliance with their recommendations. This role can include an element of financial delegation with HMTS acting as an agent for the client.
Project Management/Repair Supervision – All the elements above are relevant to smaller projects for clients who intend to have any scope of work carried out in a commercial yard. Employing HMTS in this role will enable the client to have regular onsite representation ensuring that all work is completed to standard and that there is a full control of the cost of the work.
Repair Period Specifications – HMTS will produce to the clients instructions a specification detailing accurately the scope of work to be undertaken and outline all of the repairer’s responsibilities. This will form the central element of the contract between the client and the repairer and which the repairer would then be expected to to price prior to starting the work. This will allow the client to see the cost of the planned work before committing themselves to the work and HMTS would offer advice regarding the potential risks of emergent work.
Preparation of Technical Reports – HMTS has previously been employed to investigate technical faults and report both on the causes leading to the failure and the consequences of the failure. Examples of previous technical reports can be produced on request.
Technical Consultancy for Marine Engineering Equipment – HMTS is able to offer consultation services with regard to a wide range of Marine Engineering equipment based on extensive experience of Marine Engineering systems. This is particularly important where vessel owners are taking steps to to ensure that they are able to comply with either existing or new regulations and meet their legal obligations.
Marine Survey – Condition Surveys, Damage Surveys, Steel Hull Thickness Surveys